Over There, Guts Everywhere

by Offal



Label: No Posers Please (Norway)
Catalog: NPP008
Format: Split 7″ EP with Anatomia


released December 12, 2010

• André Luiz 0 Vocals
• Eduardo Tobe - Drums
• João Carlos Ongaro - Bass
• Tersis Zonato - Guitars and backing vocals

• Recorded & arranged by Offal.
• Engineered by Maiko Thomé.
• Mixed & mastered by Maiko Thomé Offal.
• Recorded in November 2009 at at AvantGarde Studio (Curitiba/PR – Brazil).
• Cello on “Over There, Guts Everywhere” by Maiko Thomé.
• *”In Nephritic Blue” originally by Haemorrhage.
• Cover artwork by Pierre de Palmas.
• Inner artwork by Nev.
• Picture by Chantal Wagner Kornin.
• Intro taken from “Premutos – Der Gefallene Engel/1997″ by Olaf Ittenbach.
• Art direction by João “THE ONE” Ongaro.



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Track Name: Over There, Guts Everywhere
The first fallen angel came to
Wreak the goriest havoc upon the earth
Resurrecting the dead
An army of flesh craving ghouls!

Horrible visions and an ancient book
The hellish unleashed creature
Rising to take over the world
Hail Lord of the living dead!

Most extreme gore to date
Sickest blood-soaked rampage
Non-stop splattered carnage
Full-filled visceral damage!

Body exploding, groin-chomping
Loin-stomping, head-splitting
Char-broiling, saber-sticking
Drawn and quartering!

Zombie death ranges
From chainsaw to an armored tank
Grotesque undead feast
Splatter freaks rejoice!