Macabre Rampages and Splatter Savages

by Offal



Label: Black Hole Productions (Brazil)
Catalog: BHP018


released September 9, 2010

• André Luiz - Vocals
• Eduardo Tobe - Drums
• João Carlos Ongaro - Bass
• Tersis Zonato - Guitars and backing vocals

• Recorded and arranged by Offal.
• Engineered by Maiko Thomé.
• Mixed and mastered by Maiko Thomé and Offal.
• Recorded from March to November/2009 at AvantGarde Studio (Curitiba/PR – Brazil).
• All songs by Offal, except “Deep Red – The Blood is Running Cold” by Goblin, originally called “Profondo Rosso” and inspired on the original soundtrack “Profondo Rosso / Deep Red (1975) by Dario Argento”.
• Cello on “Deep Red – The Blood is Running Cold” by Maiko Thomé.
• Executive production by Fernando Camacho.
• Front, inner and back cover artwork by Putrid.
• Inner live pictures by Anderson Oliveira, Alexandre Buga and Clovis Roman.
• Offal and tray picture by Chantal Wagner Kornin.
• Art direction and layout by Tersis Zonato.

Intros taken from:
• Zombie (1979) by Lucio Fulci
• The Return of the Evil Dead (1973) by Amando de Ossorio
• The Return of the Living Dead (1985) by Dan O’Bannon
• Bloodsucking Freaks (1976) by Joel M. Reed
• Deep Red (1975) by Dario Argento
• Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) by Steve Miner
• Phenomena (1985) and Suspiria (1977) by Dario Argento



all rights reserved
Track Name: Offal
Track Name: Feast for the Dead
A boat adrift at sea
With only one on board
The first undead creature
Of this creepy zombie horde

An officer is dead and now
The question will begin
How to stop this outbreak of ghouls
That will eat all your skin?

She strips nude and swims
To where it’s cold and dark
Now it’s the horror battle
Between a zombie and a shark

Do whatever you must to avoid
The deadly flesh bites
Ancient tribe superstitions
And macabre voodoo rites

On this uncharted island
That time has since forgot
The dead are rising up
From their burial plots

They are here for the crazy doctor
And his poor wife
Beware the creeping plague of the dead
That has come back to life

They want you to die
A splinter in your eye

Macabre rampages
Splatter savages

Feast for the dead
Feast for the dead
Feast for the dead
Feast for the dead
Track Name: Trial of the Undead
They are going to eat you
The dead are among us
Fulci’s masterpiece
Zombie flesh-eaters

Flesh hunters
Dead walkers

They will eat you
Trial of the undead
They will eat you
Trial of the undead

Turning back to life
Dead are hunger for flesh
Thousands of them united
The sickest zombie squad

Flesh hunters
Dead walkers

They will eat you
Trial of the undead
They will eat you
Trial of the undead
Track Name: Putr-essence
Decomposing swarm
Feasting on the rot
Splattered decay

Rotting flesh
Maggot feast

Necrotic banquet
Rotten disgorgement
Deranged consumption
Festering waste

Rotting flesh
Maggot feast

Infested cavities
Rancid sewage mass
Unleashed cadaver
Track Name: The Eye-gouging
The most infamous gore scene
Horrifying shocking death
Eye gouging and head splattering
Triumph of the living dead


Worshiping the cult
The cult of the undead
Hail godfather of gore
Fulci lives again
Track Name: The Cold Grips of Death
Tombs are opened again
Berzano’s village damned
Blind dead ghouls are back
Their thirst for warm blood never ends

Crawling out from their tombs
To wreak bloody revenge
Condemned 500 years ago
Undead Templars rampage

The dead are walking
And although they have no eyes
They will sacrifice their victims
And offer to God of evil

Hunting their victims by following
Their terrified screams
Swords spurting blood
Ossorio’s legion of the walking dead

Don’t move
Don’t breath
Don’t let them hear
Your heart beatings
Track Name: Flesh Freak
Track Name: Mortuary Waste
A medical supply warehouse
Barrels of Trioxin are kept
on the basement
An accident: Gas leaking and poisoning
The return is ready to begin

In the fridge, stiff returns to live
Hungry for flesh and brains
Stapled (with) a pickaxe on the head
Dismembered and left to cremate

The furnace of the dead starts up
Leaving to an acid Trioxin rain
The triumph of the dead is coming
Nearly graveyard won’t never be the same

Upon the medical slab
One of them is moaning for “brains”
They need this special meal
To satiate the pain of death

Splatstick gore cult
Mortuary Waste
Splatstick gore cult
Mortuary Waste
Track Name: Onslaught Of Dismemberment
She’s fuckin’ dead
In the iron tourniquet
Debauched butchery
Onslaught of Dismemberment

Scorched flesh
Young virgin cannibals
Onslaught of Dismemberment

Cages are full of his
naked and savage slaves
Sardu and Ralphus will put
them all in fuckin’ graves

Number of victims grow
A bloodbath
This ghastly theatre show

Tied up
Submitted to the torture
Gruesome deviant murders

They came to the
Theatre to have
A magnificent time
Not knowing

The twisted truth
Behind the
Demented master’s
Horrible crimes

At the theatre of macabre
there’s no time to repent
You’ll wonder where
your head and limbs went
Track Name: Deep Red – The Blood Is Running Cold
Track Name: Death’s Curse
A city has a curse
A gruesome death’s curse
One man, a murderer
His thirst for revenge never ends

They said he died as a boy
But he is still there, he lives
Many saw him, few survived
No one can stop him

Axe to the face
Garroted with barbed wire
Spearing fire into the eye
Gutted with a scalpel

Head crushed with a leather strap
Hacked up with a machete
Scythe in the neck
Drowned in a barrel of sewage

Much time has passed
Many people forgot
But he is still down there
Waiting, he fucking lives

The body count will never end
Track Name: Terrore in Giallo